We are currently looking for an IT / build manager with an uncanny ability to overcome the hurdles that occur during game development to get big things done.


  • Manage all the IT services related to running a small video game studio.
  • Build/maintain all the hardware used for development including the developers’ PCs to the backend servers.
  • Participate in developing the strategic direction of IT within Hot Glue Games with an eye towards the requirements involved with publishing a live game and all the security considerations that this entails.
  • Develop / integrate new tools to increase the team’s productivity (previous examples include Unreal Engine 4 crash reporter, lightmass swarm controller, shared data cache).
  • Manage the operations of all our servers and VMs, including all the services they support
  • Handle any network/system admin related tasks; including: IP subnetting, DHCP, domain control, active directory, switch and router configurations, etc.
  • Have ownership of the build system / source control, make sure that we are producing nightly builds of the game and once live making regular builds for public release.
  • Must organize, coordinate and control the systems for which they are responsible.
  • Responsible for the reliability, integrity, availability, security and supportability of their assigned system.
  • Required to continually assess and meet the needs of the fans, the developers, and the firm.
  • Proficient with Python scripting.
  • Automate processes whenever possible using various scripting/programming languages.


  • Experience managing IT for a software development company.

If you feel you are an awesome candidate for this position, please apply by sending your cover letter and resume to hiring@hotgluegames.com. If you don’t feel you are currently ready to fill the shoes in this role, but want to have us under your radar, feel free to connect!